Feb. 4, 2020

Dean G. Hankins – 003

Dean G. Hankins – 003


Hey: This is what you need!


The home loan approval process is really not too complex. If you are an organized individual you will have a smooth time with the process. If not, probably a little more hectic.

Let’s start from the beginning; your loan officer will need a few items:  

1 – Credit Application  (this can be provided in several formats. I like my personal 1 page application https://u.realgeeks.media/1dean/1Dean_Quick_App_NWM.pdf  , others may want the 4 page formal application called the 1003).  

2 – From the signed credit application the applicant will provide authorization to run a credit report, we need credit scores and credit information.  

3 – The applicant will need to provide income documentation, better known as Pay Stubs, W-2’s and /or complete FEDERAL tax returns. 

4 – and lastly,  “Asset” documentation will be needed to track where your money for down payment and closing costs will come from.


Check back next week as we dive into further details of the items mentioned today.


Dean Hankins with “Dean G Hankins” is a licensed "Real Estate Broker", Realtor ® (CA DRE 01153843) and a

licensed "Mortgage Loan Originator" Pro Broker’s Funding (MLO - NMLS 174690 & 899991).


Licensed since 1993, he has years of experience, honesty, trust and integrity, all in “1” place!

Call today 714-961-8000 or go to www.1Dean.com or email dean@1Dean.com

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Jan. 27, 2020

Dean G. Hankins - 002

Strange as it may seem….


Society is just not dog whistled to understand the financial complexity of purchasing your first home! Let alone understanding what you must do to get yourself ready to buy!

We live in such an instantaneous world and it seems apparent that we believe everything must work this way.

“I want some shoes, let’s stop by Nike. Oh, the store is out of the one I want. Please call the other store. Oh, they do have some! Great, here is my name please hold them and tell them I am on my way.”


As much as I wished it was something as simple as buying some shoes, it is NOT.  You need to know how much home or “shoe” you can buy. The likelihood of you paying cash for a home is very slim. Some do but most do not. In this case you must get a mortgage or home loan. To obtain a home loan you must get yourself “Pre-Qualified and/or Pre-Approved”. Check in next week for more details about “Pre-Qualifying and/or Pre-Approval” process. Thanks for reading!


Dean Hankins with “Dean G. Hankins” is a licensed "Real Estate Broker", Realtor ® (CA DRE 01153843) and a licensed "Mortgage Loan Originator" (MLO - NMLS 174690).

Licensed since 1993, he has years of experience, honesty, trust and integrity, all in “1” place!

Call today 714-961-8000 or go to www.1Dean.com or email dean@1Dean.com

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Jan. 20, 2020

Dean G. Hankins - 001

The Purchase


You are now ready to purchase a home. A huge decision and great news, but what is your next move?

How do you make this a reality?

With one call to Dean, from www.1Dean.com the stress and confusion you may be feeling will be swept away!

Dean G. Hankins is a licensed "Real Estate Broker" (CA DRE 01153843) and a licensed "Mortgage Loan Originator" (MLO - NMLS 174690).

Licensed since 1993, he has years of experience, trust and integrity, all in “1” place!

Call today 714-961-8000 or go to www.1Dean.com or email dean@1Dean.com

April 30, 2017

Science Surrounds Santa Ana Property

Science Museum Near Santa Ana PropertyBlast back into the past or shoot into space on Santa Ana property. At the Discovery Cube on Main Street, kids of all ages can delve into the world of science. This popular children’s museum combines permanent exhibitions with rotating special displays and activities designed to stimulate curiosity. Endless opportunities are presented to learn about all kinds of science in a fun and diverse way.

Weather rules the world. Californians living in Santa Ana are used to sunshiny days. Sometimes an occasional earthquake may rumble the ground a bit. At the museum, youngsters can learn about the seismic events that sometimes make life a tad unstable. Things are rocking and rolling once they step into the simulating Shake Shack. Afterwards a seismograph is ready to analyze data. In the Planetary Research Station an animated globe is suspended at an angle perfect for viewing weather patterns and for studying the earth. Venture forth for an out of state weather experience and stand up to winds of a mighty hurricane.

Stargazers Living In Santa Ana Fly To The Moon

The Boeing Rocket Lab is perfect for stargazers. Budding astronauts can simulate a rocket launch and learn the chemistry behind what fuels are powerful enough to send such an amazing machine into space. Dinosaurs stand tall at the Discovery Cube. Guests can walk underneath a replica of a massive Argentinosaurus, and then participate in a paleontology dig. Preservation and conservation is very important. Kids can take the Eco Challenge and become motivated to help the planet.

Special events are frequently moving through this Santa Ana property. Favorite rotating exhibits include Science of Gingerbread, Bubblefest, Science of Spooky, and Inventors Week. In order to not miss a thing, local families should consider becoming members. A lifetime of memories await.


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April 30, 2017

Life Is Laugh Out Loud Funny On Brea Real Estate

Laugh Your Heart Out Near Brea Real EstateChuckles are heard all around Brea real estate. Nights are laugh out loud funny at the Brea Improv. Here the stage is set for amusement. Stand up comedy is an art in itself with a rich history and long trail of laughter behind it.

This humorous piece of Brea property always features an award winning line up. Local and national headlining comedians will have the audience in stitches. Beware though. Many are on the look out for guests willing to take an active part in all the fun.

Laughter Is Contagious On Brea Property

Comedy is a great way to break the ice. First dates are often the best at this place where laughter is quite contagious. Anniversaries, girls and guys night outs, birthdays, and practically all other occasions are also perfect for a visit to the Brea Improv.

Those strolling in hungry are satisfied by the onsite restaurant. Audience members enjoy appetizers, salads, sandwiches, burgers, and more. Dessert is definitely tempting with offerings of both New York style cheesecake and chocolate molten lava cake. The bar menu features signature cocktails, fine wines, and select draft and bottled beers. A two item minimum is required with all ticket purchases at the comedy club.

Add some laughter to the week by catching a weeknight performance. View the lineup of comedians here. Tickets are available for purchase online or at the box office before the curtain rises. Whatever show you catch on this piece of Brea real estate, be ready to have a howling good time.

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April 29, 2017

A Piece Of Italy Is Found On Anaheim Property

Taste Buds Are Tempted By Italian Cuisine On Anaheim PropertyDiscover a bit of Italy on Anaheim property at Cortina's Italian Market and Pizzeria. Family owned and operated since the doors first opened in 1963, this small eatery has a reputation for serving homemade Italian food with a smile. Recipes have been handed down from Papa Tony and his brother Victor to future generations.

Today passersby living in Anaheim can catch the scent of delicious culinary creations unfolding in the restaurant. Many stop in for the hand tossed pizzas. Favorite pies include the New York style and Margherita. Daily specials feature lasagna, spaghetti with meatballs, and manicotti. Vegetarians are delighted with eggplant parmigiana. Only the best meats and cheeses are used when crafting deli sandwiches. Diners can whet their whistle with fine wines and handcrafted beers.

Party Planners Living In Anaheim Celebrate With Cortinas Cuisine

It’s easy for Anaheim property owners to bring Cortina's deliciousness back home after a stop in the market. Genuine products from Italy stock the shelves including imported pasta, Italian cookies, and freshly baked bread. Pizza dough, sauces, and hand made meatballs and sausages are great to have on hand for quick meals during the week. When it’s time for a party, the staff at Cortinas is more than willing to lend a hand. A generous catering menu combines pasta and meat dishes with select sandwiches. Green salads and appetizer trays add to an impressive spread.

Give Cortina’s a call at 714.535.1741 for more information on catering or to place an order for pick up.


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