Strange as it may seem….


Society is just not dog whistled to understand the financial complexity of purchasing your first home! Let alone understanding what you must do to get yourself ready to buy!

We live in such an instantaneous world and it seems apparent that we believe everything must work this way.

“I want some shoes, let’s stop by Nike. Oh, the store is out of the one I want. Please call the other store. Oh, they do have some! Great, here is my name please hold them and tell them I am on my way.”


As much as I wished it was something as simple as buying some shoes, it is NOT.  You need to know how much home or “shoe” you can buy. The likelihood of you paying cash for a home is very slim. Some do but most do not. In this case you must get a mortgage or home loan. To obtain a home loan you must get yourself “Pre-Qualified and/or Pre-Approved”. Check in next week for more details about “Pre-Qualifying and/or Pre-Approval” process. Thanks for reading!


Dean Hankins with “Dean G. Hankins” is a licensed "Real Estate Broker", Realtor ® (CA DRE 01153843) and a licensed "Mortgage Loan Originator" (MLO - NMLS 174690).

Licensed since 1993, he has years of experience, honesty, trust and integrity, all in “1” place!

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