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Hey: This is what you need!


The home loan approval process is really not too complex. If you are an organized individual you will have a smooth time with the process. If not, probably a little more hectic.

Let’s start from the beginning; your loan officer will need a few items:  

1 – Credit Application  (this can be provided in several formats. I like my personal 1 page application  , others may want the 4 page formal application called the 1003).  

2 – From the signed credit application the applicant will provide authorization to run a credit report, we need credit scores and credit information.  

3 – The applicant will need to provide income documentation, better known as Pay Stubs, W-2’s and /or complete FEDERAL tax returns. 

4 – and lastly,  “Asset” documentation will be needed to track where your money for down payment and closing costs will come from.


Check back next week as we dive into further details of the items mentioned today.


Dean Hankins with “Dean G Hankins” is a licensed "Real Estate Broker", Realtor ® (CA DRE 01153843) and a

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Licensed since 1993, he has years of experience, honesty, trust and integrity, all in “1” place!

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